From The Void Moves to Portland, Oregon

Aloha and wow what a year of changes!

I’m happy to announce that From the Void Video Productions is now operating out of Portland, Oregon.

I am now offering discounted fall portrait rates!

3 minute videos with Voice Over and/or Interviews including a Musical Sound Design for ONLY $450, and 1 minute videos for $200!!! WOW!!!!!

FLyer for video offer Portland

A Video Portrait is a short piece that shows and tells about the subject.

The subject can be:

a person, an art form, an artist, a musician, a business, a special place, a family, a pet…etc.

I am also offering to film and edit short Kickstarter Videos for Crowd Source Funding Campaigns, a thriving new way to raise money for a cause.

Please contact me with project inquiries!

Some of the latest work includes a piece I completed this summer for Kunsi Keya Tamakoce in Vermont. Check it out!

Thanks for Visiting!


Enlightening the Process of Videomaking

builder-marketing-video-makingAloha! Here is a bit of Education on the Movie Making Process

A key factor to this video creation service for all types of clients, is education. Not everybody has the knowledge of what it takes to make a movie… Yet…

My job is to create a production plan with the client on all the steps from concept to realization of the video vision they desire.

So here are the Basics.


Script writing: Who is the audience? What do you want them to know? What do you want them to feel? A basic outline, whether documentary, promotional, or narrative storytelling, is a great way to start your movie production.

Storyboarding: When you imagine the final product, what are some images you see? Some sounds you hear? What order are they in? Can you see the image composition and camera movement? Storyboarding is the process of putting these visions into a graphic representation, even with stick figures drawing… having fine art skills not necessary.

Scheduling and Budget: When? Where? Who? What? How? How much will it cost? Making this very clear in the preproduction meetings will help immensely when it comes time to production. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Story Board Example

Story Board Example



Equipment/ prop set list: The camera crew and director will be very organized with what equipment will be needed for the video shoot. Cameras? Microphones? Lights? enough batteries? enough data storage? These are all things to think about. If a scene is being set, then set design will also be important to pay attention to. What props will make the image visually interesting and not too distracting from the content at the same time? Flowers? a backdrop or a painting?

Crew: Is everyone that needs to be present, present? does everyone know their role? Ideally the director of the project can help all the crew members know their job on the shoot.

On Location: If you are shooting on location, an important thing to be aware of is, who is in this public space that might appear on camera? Do I need to have them sign a release form, giving me permission to use their image and audio, even if they are only in the background? What is the weather like today? Are we prepared if the weather is not in our favor?

Post Production

Media Organization/Optimization: The editor will mainly facilitate this process, involving ingesting all media, into the editing system, and formatting it correctly for optimal editing process.

Editing: This is where the editor pieces the best pieces of the puzzle together to tell the story most effectively so the content is clear and the emotional experience is congruent with the client’s vision. Typically there are 3 rounds of rough cuts of the project before the FINAL CUT of the video, and then all the sound is mixed and mastered so the volume levels all sound nice, and any image color correction, and final graphics and titles.

Compression and Upload: This is when the final video is wrapped in a digital package called a CODEC for proper exhibition format, whether DVD, streaming web video, or theater projection.

And Now you have completed the video making process! Stay tuned for more on what to do with your video once it’s made….

Where to show it?

Who will see it?

Can it make money?

These are all very important questions I will explore in future blog posts.

Thanks! Mahalo!



Puna’s Paradigm World Premiere and Online Viewing!

Aloha all,

From the Void Productions is happy to announce that the World Premiere Screening of Puna’s Paradigm: Bridging Heaven to Earth will be taking place tonight at Hawaiian Sanctuary, Mile Marker 12 at 6pm.

documentary screenings


In addition, the documentary has been accepted to participate in the Spirit Enlightened Film Festival. 

The full film can be viewed, reviewed, and voted for here! Please leave comments and support the film!

You can even order a DVD copy of the film through this film festival as well!

Thank you and Mahalo for all of the support in the production of this documentary! It’s been a fun and rewarding process!


The recently launched video for Fire of the Goddess

Katalin Koda has been exploring earth stories, women’s mysteries and the mythic expression of our world for over seventeen years.  She is an author, shamanic healer, intuitive, ceremonialist, poet, artist and mother. Katalin is the co-founder of Fire of the Goddess Retreats which celebrate the power, love and wisdom of the divine feminine. Based on her book Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine she aims to make the divine feminine accessible to women and men of all walks of life.


Enjoy! In Joy!


Summer Solstice News

ALoha all you dreamers out there!

Most notably, Puna’s Paradigm: Bridging Heaven to Earth is truly shaping into quite a nice (long) Short Documentary. we are at 40 minutes total running time (TRT) and Ive included here a 3 minute TRAILER for the movie.

I am currently looking for a digital animator and somebody capable to mix and master the soundtrack… and then lets submit to SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL !  and more!

Please contact me through this website if interested.


12.12.12 Puna’s Paradigm in Post Production

ALoha !

We are in full swing post production phase of a short documentary film, with shifting titles…


Gift Culture, Bridging Heaven to Earth, Puna’s Paradigm are all tentative titles for this 36 minute documentary film about connecting to our communities and understanding divine participation in creating our new world. The 12.12.12 festival takes place in Puna, on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is a 10 day festival beginning on December 12, 2012 and culminating on the ever anticipated December 21, 2012 winter solstice. The Maya people as well as many other indigenous cultures, including the Hawaiian culture, share certain prophecies about this time we are in now, a true paradigm shift of the world we thought we knew. This documentary serves to highlight the specific community in Puna, Hawaii, to show an example of how to be fully activated and alive together in this new world we are cocreating. Festivals are training grounds for us to share and learn together, in celebration, ceremony, healing, and play. We are the ones we have been waiting for, say our Hopi Native American elders, and there are threads that connect all cultures to Hawaii and the world. Leading the way in sustainable living in harmony with each other and the natural world, the community members of Puna, Hawaii, share the wisdom of the Aloha spirit, within us all.

mayan hawaiian


Thank you to Kalani OceanSide Retreat for partially producing this work!

For more information about this festival check out